Istoria Hotel: luxury and calm in Santorini

Today at Inalcotrends we travel to one of the most iconic islands in the Mediterranean and stay at the Istoria hotel, where the Interior Design Laboratorium studio has incorporated the Petra collection into the design of its spaces.

As its name suggests, Istoria means story in greek. Interior Design Laboratorium’s intention was to tell the story of this building through the design, so in their renovation they kept the traditional arched door and window openings, typical of Santorini’s architecture, and combined them with more contemporary aspects.

Interior Design Laboratorium believes that each building and decorative material always generates a feeling. Under this premise, the materials of the Hotel Istoria were chosen with great care. The Petra collection, with its bush-hammered texture and cream colour, combines with the stone pillars and the old wooden roofs to create a dialogue between the present and the past.

“The objective was for the visitor to feel as if the old residence was still present, despite the alterations. As if a narrator whispered a story without words to each and every one of the guests ”.

The result is a place that is more like a retreat, a welcoming home, where the sun and the sea create a unique feeling of pure liberation. One that allows you to create your own special memory, your own Istoria.

Special thanks:

Distributor: Bagno y Bagno

Collection: Petra Crema

Architecture and interior design: Interior Design Laboratorium

Photographer: Giorgos Sfakianakis

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