Luxury and disconnection in Kempinski Hotel Grand Arena Spa in Bulgaria

Luxury and disconnection in Kempinski Hotel Grand Arena Spa in Bulgaria

With all the services expected from a 5 star hotel, the Kempinski Grand Arena Hotel is considered one of the best in Bankso, Bulgaria. Its location at the foot of the slopes and its luxurious spa makes it the ideal option to spend a few days skiing on Pirin mountains.

The renovation project that we show you today focused on replacing all the old elements of the spa with highest quality new ones (equipment, finishes, lighting …). Thus, for the pavement and cladding of some areas the use of Inalco MDi Iseo Gris Bush-hammered collection was decided. Its non-porous surface prevents water absorption and the proliferation of bacteria, being suitable for use in a project of these characteristics.

The new interior design of the Kempinski Hotel spa aims to convey the feeling of luxury and calm that the client wishes to feel after spending a day skiing on the slopes. The goal is to relax and awaken your senses while preparing a massage, drink a cocktail at the “Vitamin bar” or simply rest on the design bench after swimming.

In addition to the classic equipment of a professional spa, we find other elements that help shape the whole project. The flow of water, the heat of the fire and the freshness of the ice are introduced into the interior design with chimneys, an ice fountain and the heated relaxation bench that simulates a wave or a sand dune. Everything is designed to enjoy holidays with a greater calm.

Special thanks:  

Architects: M1K3 PROJECT

Lead architect: Slavin Baylov

Team: Margarita Bojinova, Georgi Kostov 

Collaboration with Atelie Forma for relax bench and ice fountain design

Photographer: Margarita Bojinova 

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