Key trends in kitchens for 2023

Kitchens–an area that has now become the main hub of the home–are moving increasingly toward versatile, functional, open-plan spaces, without relinquishing their focus on design. Today, in Inalcotrends, we look at some of the key trends in kitchen design for 2023.

Although kitchens in pale or creamy shades and luminosity are both a must for many homes, new trends have come to the fore that will lend them distinctive personality. These include fully customized kitchens or ones with dark touches here and there.

Kitchens are no longer only used for preparing food. They have acquired an increasingly social, gastronomic role for getting together with friends and family or for working in the morning. Now, they are not just for cooking–they are there to be enjoyed.

That’s why one of the key trends in kitchens for 2023 is for them to be open-plan spaces, linking up with both the living area and some of the home’s outdoor spaces so as to ensure added versatility and spaciousness. At the same time, functionality will also continue to be a priority.

Islands, an increasingly popular feature of kitchens, will be an absolute must in 2023. They provide extra space for get-togethers while also doubling as a countertop for preparing food or a surface for working on. They can also be used to link the kitchen and living areas or as a separator.

As for materials, precedence will be given to innovative, sustainable, natural looking ones. One such example is MDi, our ground-breaking, naturally inspired surface. Thanks to the pioneering production process used to make MDi, it combines unbeatable technical characteristics with hygienic properties (due to the use of Antibacterial technology), sustainability, and a timeless, natural design. In short, when it comes to materials, the emphasis will be on durability, versatility, modernity and design appeal. 

New technologies will also play an important role in interior design. Latest generation designer electrical appliances will make their presence felt. One clear example is invisible induction, where the same worktop can be used to cook, work or prepare food on while also ensuring seamless visual continuity. Efficiency, creativity and design appeal are three ingredients of the kitchens of the future. 

Lastly, one growing trend in kitchen design is for kitchen units to have a more contemporary appearance, using elegant glass display cabinets to showcase their contents.

These trends will be noticeable in most kitchens, although each of us can then add our own personal twist to them. What is clear is that, in 2023, we will continue to lend kitchens all the attention they deserve. 

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