How to give your kitchen a more spacious feel

Today we’re going to offer all those who’ve sometimes dreamt of having a bigger kitchen a few tips on how to give it a more spacious feel. The key to creating the illusion of more space is a skilful combination of the following three factors: light, colour and organization, together with a few other guidelines. In all cases, the objective is to gain both aesthetically and in functional terms. 

The best solution is to merge the kitchen with the living area. As we’ve pointed out in previous articlesopen-plan spaces help to create a greater sense of depth, maximizing the available light and facilitating certain tasks. 

Kitchen with Boreal and Syros by Pure Mess Design

If you don’t like the idea of an open-plan kitchen and living area, another possibility is to follow these tips for maximizing the space: 

  • Opt for a pale colour or a monochrome colour scheme, with matching kitchen cabinets in the same shade. The colour you choose will determine your visual perception of the space, and colours like white, cream and sand are ideal for small kitchens. If you want to add a dash of colour to your kitchen, you can always pick a bolder colour for certain decorative features or for the electrical appliances. 
  • The lighting is crucial. The more luminous a room is, the more spacious it will seem. Ideally, most of the light should be natural, although lightbulbs that imitate natural light are a good alternative. If, on top of this, you opt for pale colours, they’ll also make the room seem more luminous and, by extension, larger. 
  • Tidiness is also a key factor in a more spacious appearance. A neat, tidy kitchen seems larger and much more welcoming. 
  • Minimalism is the ideal design style for small kitchens. By sticking to the essentials and avoiding items that are purely decorative, you’ll gain that extra spacious feel you were looking for. 
  • Open shelves, with visible contents, and cabinet doors clad in the same material as the wall are two other key ways of creating the illusion of more space.

You might think that your kitchen is on the small side, but now you can see that it really is possible to maximize that space, mainly by taking into account the right materials and other key factors. 

If you follow today’s recommended tips, send us some photos of your completed kitchen project with MDi to

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