The huge advantages of a kitchen with an island made of MDi 

cocina-isla-pacific inalco mdi

Kitchens with an island have become enormously popular in recent years, together with open-plan kitchen and living areas. This is due to the practicality and visual appeal that they afford in such an important room in the home. 

Minimalist, industrial looking, white, dark-coloured, with chairs or barstools: there are boundless ways of designing a kitchen with an island made of MDi. Thanks to the outstanding technical performance and aesthetic characteristics of Inalco’s iTOP range, kitchens with a high added value can be designed, given the collections’ timeless beauty, the visual continuity they offer and their high resistance to stains, scratches and knocks. 

Kitchen islands are for cooking, enjoyment and much, much more. They provide added storage space, a surface to work on from home in greater comfort, a place for improvised snacks with friends and so on. 

Pacific Blanco by Carmine Design

The island can be a prolongation of the countertop or it can be free-standing. It can serve to separate different living spaces too, making it just the thing for open-plan kitchen and living rooms, and it also offers greater freedom. So now it’s just a case of choosing the style you most identify with. 

This kind of pale-coloured kitchen is perfect for boosting the room’s natural light and giving it a more spacious feel. If you prefer to give your kitchen a touch of personality without relinquishing a luminous appearance, you can choose an MDi collection like Iseo or Pacific or one with veining, such as Larsen or Syros

Black or dark colours lend a touch of chic sophistication and sobriety to kitchens. In this case, if elegance is all important in your kitchen, the Silk Negro and Azalai collections are just what you need. 

If you want a kitchen and island with a total matching look, you can use the same MDi collection for the walls, floor and countertop and even to clad the kitchen units. Thanks to the collections and thicknesses in the iTOP and iSLIMM ranges, MDi offers huge versatility in the design of distinctive living spaces that are a cut above all the rest. 

Credits: Carmine Design / Laura Rocha & Sthefanie Gatto / Bom Design & Ceramiko / Fogar

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