Kitchens open to the living area – a must-have interior design feature

Completely open, with glass partitions or a serving hatch… open-plan kitchen/diners are a real trend, and there are as many ways of designing them as there are reasons for having one in your home.

One of the main advantages of taking down partition walls to open up the kitchen is the big increase in natural light, not only improving the overall lighting but also giving a greater sense of spaciousness.

Ananda iTOP collection

In addition, an open kitchen improves relations between everyone in the house and enhances family life as it encourages more and better interaction. Open kitchens also make all kinds of household tasks easier, as the kitchen and lounge are the most frequently-used areas of a house, and combining them makes more sense in terms of both time and convenience.

Touché iTOP collection. Kitchen by Estudio Nicolao & Caybe

Another very important aspect is the wealth of design possibilities that open kitchens offer, giving you the freedom to create an original, modern, and enjoyable space. Today there is a huge range of kitchen furniture brands to suit every possible taste, so it couldn’t be easier to create a unique ambience that will delight your guests. 

Geo iTOP collection

Today Inalcotrends would like to show you some different ideas for dynamic and stylish open kitchens, designed with the MDi collections by Inalco, naturally!

Colección Umbra iTOP

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