Lama Place: Tailor-made design and luxury, in one of the most beautiful places in the world


Close to Lanikai, one of the best beaches in the world, we find Lama Place. A property located in Kailua (Hawaii), which has, among some of its most notable aspects, an exquisite and carefully curated design.

Lama Place has a charm that matches all of the surrounding environment. It is a house that exudes personality and blends spontaneously into its surroundings. Its design has been very carefully designed and it also has all the comforts for day-to-day life both indoors and outdoors. 

A swimming pool with jacuzzi is the main protagonist of its exteriors, together with the marvelous views of the island and the ocean. In this area we find Inalco’s Pacific as the main surface, which continues towards the interior, offering total aestethic continuity and a more natural integration between indoors and outdoors. 

The interior of the house is open to the outside through a large window in the kitchen, open to the living room, which also favours continuity between the two spaces and lets you see, as if it were a work of art, the impressive views of the Pacific Ocean. 

On the other hand, we find Masai Blanco in some bathrooms, a collection that evokes the calm and tranquillity necessary in these environments, designed to disconnect. In addition to Geo Gris, which brings dynamism to the rooms. 

Its designers, James McPeak and Cesar Giraldo, also worked with the sustainable component in mind for Lama Place, which is essential in today’s homes. For this reason, in addition to using sustainable materials such as MDi for its construction, they also installed photovoltaic panels for more environmentally friendly consumption. 

The contemporary elegance of this private residence is only rivaled by Lanikai’s stunning surroundings.


Architecture: James McPeak

Interior Design: Cesar Giraldo Design

Photographer: Paul Vu with Here & Now

Distributor: Specceramics

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