Lyra, a collection with select personality 


Lyra is a magnificent exercise in form and composition. Its design, inspired by some of the world’s most exotic marbles, stands out for its dynamism and timeless elegance

The collection has managed to go one step further in MDi’s 360º design. Thanks to its two superior finishes and the use of Full Digital technology, Lyra offers a choice of textures, appearances and feels depending on the finish you opt for. 

With the collection’s DT (Digital Texture) finish, the surface has a gentle bush-hammered feel, while the Polished Honed finish stands out for its unparalleled smoothness, combined, in this second case, with tiny iridescent specks able to guarantee unique effects. These subtle shiny particles call to mind the star constellation after which the collection is named. 

Lyra brings dynamism and movement to all living spaces in the home. To give you some possible examples as sources of inspiration, Lyra is ideal for creating kitchens with unique personality, where an island is used as a focal point. It can even be used for living to infuse rooms with added warmth. 

In a nutshell, this is a collection conceived to bring personality and charisma to settings. Who would not be captivated by Lyra’s grey hues and the gentle movement of its design? 

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