La Masía Les Casotes

Inland Castellón province, surrounded by orange trees, the scent of orange blossom and the peace of Mediterranean breeze, laid abandoned a beautiful eighteenth century’s farmhouse, when Bordils Urios family decided to give life back to this dream-like place and turned it into one of the spaces in which to enjoy the innovative gastronomy of chef Miguel Martí: La Masía Les Casotes.

After a few years, his team determined that it needed a second restoration. The Porch and terrace areas, where the stone and the lawn were combined, were uncomfortable for walking during events, and the paved zone was too small.

The solution was to expand the flooring area and cover it with Antal collection by Inalco. At a technical level the product would make guests enjoy the evening without fear of tripping or sinking the heels in the soft grass, while aesthetically the design of Antal, both rustic and elegant, would perfectly match the bucolic environment of La Masía.

The result is a much wider terrace, with more useful space for both attendees and for the service, respecting the historical charm of La Masía with all the advantages of Inalco technology.

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