MDi News for 2020

After a year full of events, we launched in Cersaie our MDi novelties for 2020. In case you could not visit us in Italy, today we prepare this summary article with the new collections. Which will be your favorite?

Umbra: Brazil becomes the inspiration to create Umbra. Its characteristic veining and its brown, reddish and black tones generate a play of shadows and a depth that make it an avant-garde piece for spaces with personality.

Meteora: Meteora is a clear example of our aim to seek inspiration in new horizons. Almost two centuries ago, a meteorite impacted in the Atacama desert (Chile), being one of the most voluminous ever recovered. This rock coming from space inspires Meteora, a rocky and iron surface where reds, golds and grays create a beautiful combination.

Fibre: “Fibre” (Fibers) by Giuseppe Bavuso for Inalco, it is a design proposal inspired by nature and the very essence of shape. In the words of Mr. Bavuso himself, Fiber is “a modern take on the weaved patterns of the first objects made by humankind–like the weave of baskets, fabrics or wools–, with an added 3D effect. The collection brings a new physical dimension to surfaces, vibrating in the presence of light. Thanks to its multi-sensory qualities, it makes both a visual and a tactile impression.”

The New Blacks:The New Blacks plays with lights and shadows, bringing a distinctive elegance. Three monochrome designs, three shades created to be trend-setting: Castagna, Muschio and Prugna. A collection for fashion and interior design lovers.

Naia: its launch last year was a great success. Characterized by its elegance, Naia appears in iTOP version to create environments full of luxury and sophistication.

Moon: the surface of this celestial body inspires Moon. A rocky-look star where dark seas contrast with bright mountains on which numerous asteroids left their mark forming craters. A piece with history that never stops looking to the future.

iShower Trays: together with the well-known iBasins, iShower Trays is another product with which to carry out interior design projects. Combining them with the iTOP and iSLIMM collections, they allow you to create completely decked environments and projects with high added value.

Lena: inspired by the riverbed that bears its name, Lena emulates a surface molded by water, a beautiful set of sedimented and eroded rocks after its passing.

Alea: Alea is inspired by a uniform cement, sometimes broken by subtle stains and cracks that convey the wear suffered by the passage of time.

Lena & Alea

New formats and new color, Visón: with the aim of offering a color palette and an even more complete product range, we launched the 20 x 30 cm, 20 x 20 cm and 10 x 20 cm formats; a new hexagonal format, and we incorporate a Deco version to the Jasper and Vint collections. In addition, we add to our palette the Visón color, a warm and trendy hue. These news, together with the existing ones, offer a wide variety for architects and interior designers when creating their projects.

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