Minimalism in black and white

One is symbol of purity and light, the other synonim of elegance and strength. Black and white are opposites that when are elegantly combined, create a powerful contrast for interior design. Today on Inalcotrends we show you a project in which this binomy is key.

Rubén Muedra Studio was commissioned to design the showroom of a well-known company that had to be divided into two areas: one for access and meetings and the other for product showcase. This division was turned into reality using Inalco´s Storm and Touché MDi collections. Both of them convey a great beauty and elegance, but they are even more beautiful when are combined and contrasted. Touché´s pure white dresses the meeting-room while Storm´s black is the main protagonist of the Showroom.

The essence of this space was precisely to generate a sequence of volumes that integrate and frame each piece, thus Storm Negro was the perfect choice as flooring for the white stands that enhance the identity of each product as an untainted canvas.

As roots and stalactites of a perfect geometry, volumes surge from the floor and the ceiling to showcase and illuminate each piece in a totally independent way, adapting themselves in size, height and volume. The lighting is another highlight, as their intensity, sequence and chromatic range can be individually modified.

Thanks to the resistance to thermal contrasts and ultraviolet rays of Inalco’s MDi collections, this geometry continues on the outside, where pieces from the Touché collection are arranged as possible scenarios for an outdoor exhibition.

The result is a project with a greater geometric minimalist rotundity and with the high quality standards to which the Rubén Muedra architecture studio has accustomed us to.

Special thanks:

Architects: Rubén Muedra Estudio de Arquitectura

Photographer: Adrián Mora Morato

Collaborations: Emilio Belda, Inés Fabra

Estructure: Emilio Belda

Technical architect: Javier Muedra, Rubén Clavijo

Builder: Nideker Houses

Construction manager: Víctor Córcoles

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