Modern bathrooms with a soul

Bathrooms today are no longer simply practical spaces for grooming and hygiene but havens in which to relax and wind down from the stresses of everyday life.

The time when bathrooms were designed as practical, soulless spaces has long gone. Today, new trends, styles and accessories have transformed these rooms into spaces where interior design plays a very important role.

In modern bathrooms, design is just as important as practicality. This translates into the use of natural surfaces and ultra-clean materials, such as MDi, which not only brings added hygiene and safety to wet environments but also helps to prevent the emergence and proliferation of viruses and bacteria thanks to its antibacterial properties.

The ‘less is more’ premise also plays an important role in the interior design and decoration of bathrooms, either in the form of a ‘total look’ that embraces the same theme throughout the space, such as the use of surfaces and materials from the same colour palette, or through the most minimalist design comprising just black and white.

Syros Super Blanco-Gris Natural collection. OXX Design

There are almost as many design possibilities as there are MDi collections by Inalco to create them. Today we’d like to share some inspirations for bathrooms created using our surface coverings, and don’t forget that with our range of iShower trays and iBasins , designing your perfect bathroom is now easier than ever.

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