Modulnova’s Girona Showroom

Each project must be exclusive, carefully customized, and unlike any otherThis is the philosophy of Modulnova Girona‘s team of design and innovation enthusiasts, a group of professionals with over 25 years’ experience in the kitchen and interior design sector who strives to ensure that each project has a design fully adapted to meet the client’s needs.

Right from the very outset, Modulnova has always sought to make quality and innovation its mission, infusing its products with a strong identity and studying new ways to improve the quality of our living spaces.

This same mission, coherent with Inalco’s own values, prompted Modulnova to design a series of distinctive showrooms and stores in different parts of the world. One good example is Modulnova’s Girona showroom.

The showroom, featuring the Vint collection, radiates all the elegance and superior quality synonymous with the Italian company. Vint was chosen as the main wall covering in the showroom and also for the kitchen countertop and table top

The Meteroa collection has also been used in the kitchen to clad the door and various different walls, while the Masai collection was chosen as the main flooring and as a link for all the showroom’s different spaces.

Take a tour of Modulnova Girona:

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