Monochrome House

In interior design, black and white is a perfect way of creating settings with a strong contrast. While white represents light, purity and harmony, black is equated with strength, sobriety and elegance

This colour combination is the main cornerstone of the project presented today in Inalcotrends:Monochrome House, a home in Bulgaria designed by Studio Mode.

The architects’ studio opted for black and metal effects for the furniture and décorharmoniously counterbalanced by the rest of the home’s white ceilings and columns.

Another way of infusing the interiors with greater luminosity is the mirror used as a ceiling in the kitchen. An added spacious feel is achieved by the ensuing interplay with light and reflection, lending the home an exclusive air of distinction.

The Iseo collection by Inalco is used as a link, bringing visual continuity to all the rooms. Its stone design breaks away from the monotony of other geometrical patterns, adding a vibrant note of dynamism

Take a look at Monochrome House’s interiors:


Architects’ studio: Studio Mode

Distributor: Art Gres

Photography: Dian Stanchev

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