New 20mm-thick iTOP collections

At Inalco, we strive continually to innovate so as to offer clients unbeatable products and unparalleled service. This is why we have extended our range of 20mm-thick MDi iTOP surfaces to encompass a total of ten different models

Our existing collections now also feature the following finishes: Pacific Blanco, Jasper, Petra and Totem, one of our latest new creations.

iTOP are innovative surfaces for use as countertops, worktops or cladding for furniture, uniting cutting-edge materials and a large format with high design appeal. With their superb technical and aesthetic characteristics, these large surfaces stand out for their resistance with eye-catching design

iTOP combines unbeatable technical performance with attractive designs and textures in keeping with the latest trends in interior design. 

Discover all the 20mm-thick iTOP collections in the following video:

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