New collections for 2021

Maintaining our innovative drive is something that fills us with excitement every year.

2021 is going to be a year of new productsdiscoveries, and innovations… which is why Inalcotrends wants to give you a first look at these advances today, starting with our new collections.

Five collections featuring five completely different and powerful designs that are bound to become a must for architects and interior designers looking to create projects with high added value.

Let’s start by introducing the black-and-white contrast of Balkan and Selene. The first is pure strength; the second, total elegance. We then come to Totem, a timeless collection full of personality, and finally Korten and Metallo, the absolute embodiment of the power of metal.


The Balkans, known as the Ancient Mountains, are an unexplored area of central Europe.

Balkan is inspired by the plunging faces of their high peaks, encapsulating all their force, firmness and determination

A collection spawned from the very entrails of the Balkan Mountains. 

Balkan Negro DT


Selene is a name from Greek mythology, derived from the word “selas“, meaning light. With its immaculate, elegant surface, this is a collection with an attractive delicate beauty

Selene Super Blanco-Gris Honed Polished


This is a collection inspired by the stone totems found in mythology, with a rough stone-like surface. Its grey background, dotted with pebbles of different sizes, lends it a charming timeless appeal.

Totem Gris Non-slip


Differing shades of red, orange and yellow gently merge, tracing lines filled with movement and vitality. A collection with a fascinating eye-catching design

Korten Corten DT


Metals come from mineral ore found in the Earth’s crust, with an origin far older than that of the human race. The Metallo collection combines the magic and beauty of metal with all the resistance and versatility of MDi

Metallo Metálico Natural

Discover the complete video of each collection: Balkan / Selene / Totem / Korten / Metallo

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