Meet the new iSLIMM collections

During the Inalco Design Days event held a few weeks ago in our facilities, more than 2000 professionals from around the world who visited us discovered how our iSLIMM 6mm-thick extra-large MDi surfaces is the perfect material to decorate all spaces and surfaces.

The Luxury Wellness Club & Spa is our new exhibiting space that shows all our know-how and exclusive design in a showroom that transmits well-being through the five senses.

In case you could not attend in person, today we want to show you our new floor and wall surfaces collections, that will surely be protagonists of the most exclusive architecture and interior design projects in the near future.


Senda combines the strength of this stone-like design in gray tones with an elegant surface in 150×150 cm and 100×250 cm formats, among others. Delicate and versatile, it brings style and a plus of decoration to any ambient.


This collection presents the innovative matt polished finish in a 100×250 cm format, which brings an exquisite beauty to its design of gentle grey lines into a highly-pure white background. Luxury and luminosity come together in a simple looking surface, highly demanded by professionals of the architecture and interior design sectors.


Astral´s neutral design makes it a highly versatile choice, suitable for all living spaces. Its seemingly worn surface lends this product an attractive industrial air. Available in a variety of extra-large formats, such as 150×300 cm.


Thanks to the most advanced production techniques, a collection featuring an ultra white marble with a subtle grey veined pattern is achieved. Available in matt polished finishing with a 150×300 cm format and a natural finish in a 150x150cm format, Syros makes a striking visual impact, bringing together delicacy and strength.


Selecta is an elegantly warm marble united with the high-performance properties of Inalco’s surfaces fo create setting with with a restful eye-catching beauty. Available in high-gloss polished finish in 150×150 cm and 100×250 cm formats.


Joy’s background is dotted with stone-like chips of different colours, with attention to detail and innovative design appeal. This carefully crafted collection is perfect for both public and private spaces, thanks to its high-performance properties and visual beauty.

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