New MDi collections 2022 


During the Inalco Design Days 2022 we presented six new MDi collections. Series with a tons of personality, strength, elegance and each with its own uniqueness.

In our commitment to constant innovation and to keep up with the latest trends in design, we present these new collections with a lot of Style-in

Atalaia, inspired by beaches of white sand

The collection raises simplicity to new sublime heights with its luminous uniform colour, brimming with personality. This is further enhanced by the movement of its exquisite micro textures, with a graphic detail carefully married with its reliefs. 

Atalaia’s matt finish is perfect for living spaces of all kinds, while its smooth surface guarantees purity, simplicity and elegance. 

Atalaia collection

Lyra, with distinctive personality

Lyra is a masterly exercise in shape and composition. Represents yet another step forward in the decorative evolution of MDi, provided with an excellent Digital Texture finish to generate unique effect.

A series conceived to infuse living spaces with distinctive personality. 

Lyra collection

Brazza, conceived to outstrip nature’s own capacities

It’s synonymous with purity. A sophisticated collection conceived to brings select elegance to each spaces.

Brazza’s dark veins stand out to superb effect against the creamy background. This is combined with an enchantingly smooth Digital Texture finish.

Brazza collection

Dukhan, recreate and improve the original porphyry

Dukhan breaks new ground in MDi digital textures by faithfully emulating porphyry stone. By recreating and improving on this natural rock, a unique texture has been achieved. 

A collection in a class all of its own, Dukhan stands out for its pure, natural feel.

Dukhan collection

Terra, a perfect fusion of tradition and avant-garde

Terra unites traditional fired clay with the latest MDi technologies. Its tactile qualities are immediately noticeable, just at a glance. 

On its surface, a smooth relief pattern is combined with a silky texture generating a fascinating sense of materiality and natural appeal. 

Terra collection

Silk Lines, the perfect complement

A new innovative finish has been added to the Silk collection, with vertical lines achieved thanks to the application of Digital Texture technology, affording total control of the surface texture

A collection conceived to bring elegance and natural beauty to a wide variety of living spaces, it is also ideal in furniture or in combination with Silk’s Natural and Bush-Hammered finishes.

These collections, together with the already known Inalco collections, are provided with unique finishes and colours, which offer a wide range of possibilities for projects in the world of architecture, design, fashion and furniture. 

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