Inalco’s non-slip range

With the recent arrival of spring, what could be better than to be out in the open air, whiling away the time in pleasant outdoor areas of the home! As we have already said in past blogs, terraces have become a fundamental feature of homes, allowing us to chill out and recharge our batteries in privacy and comfort, without having to leave the house

As with all the other living spaces, terraces must fit in aesthetically with the rest of the home, and different technical and decorative factors must be taken into account in their design. That is why it is so important to choose the right materials

Today, in Inalcotrends, we would like to present Inalco’s range of non-slip surfaces, made up of a total of five collections. All of them combine outstanding technical properties with unparalleled visual appeal, ensuring long-lasting, fully resistant, stylishly elegant products able to meet the most demanding requirements. 

Inalco’s non-slip surfaces stand out for their resistance to sharp temperature changes and for their almost nil water absorption rate. This makes them ideal for use in wet areas both indoors and out. It also means that a ‘total look’ can be achieved by using the same collection in different areas of the home, from the kitchen, lounge and bathroom to the terrace, garden or even the swimming pool. 

This ensures full visual continuity: a highly popular design concept among architects and interior designers, and another clear indicator of the added value of MDi surfaces by Inalco.

The designs in a non-slip finish come in colours ranging from pure whites to shades of cream: Masai Blanco Plus, Pacific Blanco Plus, Ananda Blanco, Petra Crema and Jasper Moka.

These five collections have been developed for you to create the non-slip projects of your choice. If, for any reason, none of them meets your exact needs, with our Special Service for Customers, we can transform any MDi surface you wish into a non-slip one. What’s more, we can also develop fully customized collections to meet specific requirements.

Now that you know all the available options, which Inalco collection will you choose for your terrace? We’d love to receive your comments.

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