Outdoor furniture: key trends in the design of your terrace 

With the arrival of the good weather, terraces are the most commonly used part of the home. Special emphasis must therefore be given to their preparation and design so that optimum use can be made of them. 

Today, in our blog, we will outline a few key trends in outdoor furniture for you to start getting your garden ready for summer. 

Woven furniture

Woven outdoor furniture is never out of fashion on terraces. Each season, its design is revamped and adapted to fit in with the times, and this is always a winning option. 

In addition to its comfort and visual appeal, this kind of furniture also fits in whatever the setting, so if you’re trying to work out what furniture to choose for your terrace, remember that woven furniture will always look good. 

Furniture brand: Tribù.

Wood and natural fibres

The boom in the use of these materials outdoors is nothing new. Organic looks have been all the rage for some time now, and most people can’t resist at least one item of furniture of this kind in their garden. 

Natural fibres are a must since they bring warmth, elegance, and a refreshing natural look to outdoor areas. They can also be used in other decorative features as well as the furniture; for instance, in rugs. 

Wood furniture is also increasingly popular because the purity of this natural material can be combined with an exclusive design. Our MDi iTOP collections are a brilliant way of cladding wood furniture, given how well their timeless designs fit in with wood materials. 

Furniture brand: Tribù. Table designed with MDi iTOP by Inalco. 

Earthy shades

As with indoor areasfabrics in earthy shades, such as off-white, sand or stone, will be back in fashion on terraces this summer. 

One good way of taking full advantage of these fabrics is to combine accessories in earthy shades with others that contain a dash of red or orange. This creates a very attractive contrast that will draw all eyes during the summer months. 

Furniture brand: Tribù. Table designed with MDi iTOP by Inalco. 

Complementary features

Cushions, vases, rugs and lamps: all these complementary items clearly differentiate a carefully designed outdoor setting from another more hastily improvised one. 

The best colours for these decorative features are earthy shades, whites or other  natural colours, such as greens, browns or blues. As you can see, there are endless possibilities in terrace design–all that is needed is to decide which style you like best. 

Furniture brand: Tribù. Table designed with MDi iTOP by Inalco. 

Last but not least, the key to finding the right furniture and decorative items for your terrace is to choose the materials with care. Our MDi iTOP surfaces are a brilliant option in the design of outdoor furniture, thanks to their amazing technical properties and strong visual appeal. 


Outdoor furniture: TRIBÙ

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