Outdoor kitchens

Inviting friends to dine in the garden, cooking by the pool with the family, or enjoying a barbecue on the terrace… When the good weather arrives and we start making plans, we all long to be in the open air, and where better than at home, with your own outdoor kitchen?

Al fresco kitchens are a perfect way of bringing the high spirits of social get-togethers outdoors to the terraces of our homes, an area that is being used more and more frequently nowadays. 

Outdoor kitchens stand out for their practicality. If they feature sufficient storage space and an integrated sink, it won’t be necessary to keep dashing in and out of the home all the time. 

This eye-catching outdoor kitchen was designed by our partner Rekker, using just two materials–aluminium and MDi–so that it can easily withstand outdoor conditions without being affected in any way. MDi is scratch, impact and frost resistant, it can withstand sharp temperature changes, and it is unaffected by ultra-violet rays, hence it was the ideal choice for this kitchen, which unites resistance with unbeatable design appeal. 

Rekker’s K7 kitchen is a modular system, made up of a sink, work area, barbecue, organizers and storage solutions, clad entirely in the Vint model. With its symmetry, elegance and purity of design, this kitchen will transform you into the perfect host. 

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