‘Outdoor living’: when outdoor areas become the focal point of homes

Its time to make the most of your terrace, to enjoy fun-filled evenings with friends and family and to take full advantage of outdoor living. Each year, with the arrival of the good weather, garden areas and other outdoor spaces become the focal point of homes. 

Taking full advantage of these areas has become an absolute must, whether they are big or small, classic or modern, or brimming with vegetation or more minimalist in style. As a result, today in Inalcotrends, we focus on terraces for 2022, offering a few tips for you to get the most mileage out of these areas of the home. 

One of the latest trends is to choose designer furniture for your terrace. And why not? The art of interior design should be extended to outdoor areas so that all the home’s living spaces fit in with one another, ensuring true visual continuity. This can be achieved by using big picture windows, homes that open onto the garden, the same collection on the home’s indoor and outdoor floors etc. It also tends to be the living room or kitchen that links the home’s interiors with its exteriors. 

The latest trend in outdoor furniture is to opt for natural looks, using natural fibres and earthy shadesMDi collections like Petra, Ananda and Masai Blanco are a superb way of lending these places a natural touch. You can also gain a reputation as the perfect host by adding an outdoor kitchen. 

Is your terrace a small one? Don’t worry. With the right materials and other features, you can infuse a few square metres with stylish elegance. Today, we plan to inspire you by helping you to make the most of the available space. This minimalist-looking terrace, with MDi as flooring is ideal. 

Another key factor is the role of nature on terraces and in gardens. The most sustainable option is to use native plants and vegetation for decorative purposes, taking advantage of natural resources with the least possible human intervention. In a nutshell, the idea is to create more spontaneous looking gardens. 

Lastly, don’t forget how important it is to include materials with a high added value in the design of your exteriors. For instance, non-slip surfaces, such as our non-slip MDi collections, are essential for pool areas.

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