Parocks Luxury Hotel, designed with Petra to achieve an aura of timeless luxury 

Parocks Luxury Hotel & Spa stands on the east coast of Paros (Greece), with superlative views of the Aegean Sea. The hotel blends skilfully into the background setting, with all the appearance of a village typical of the Cyclades, complementing and respecting the local architecture. 

Minimalist luxury is the perfect definition of Parocks, thanks to the careful balance of Greek tradition and modernity that the team of interior designers managed to achieve. In the design project, minimalism meant concentrating on the essentials, while modern luxury was afforded through top-quality timeless materials. 

The design of the interiors was inspired by the local backdrop and the area’s traditional architecture, generating a sensation of freedom, relaxation, and escape from the hustle and bustle of life perceptible throughout the whole complex. 

Our Petra MDi collection provides the warmth and harmony that a project like this requires. Its Bush-hammered finishing was chosen for the hotel’s indoor surfaces and the Non-slip finishing for the outdoor ones. Imagine the smoothness of Petra under your feet as you take in the breath-taking views. 

All the rooms and suites have been carefully designed to guarantee total relaxation and they also boast spacious outdoor areas with views of the endless blue waters of the Aegean Sea and a private pool. Petra takes pride of place in all the hotel’s poolside areas. 

Priority was given to the materials used in the design and construction of Parocks Luxury Hotel & Spa through a selection of top-quality materials. A hotel fully dedicated to its guests, it is the perfect place to bask in the Greek sun and fall in love with the fascinating views. 


Parocks might be described as a “home away from home”: the perfect refuge, offering a unique experience in Greek hospitality. A secluded, private piece of heaven set in a wild, rocky landscape, it has been designed to guarantee guests’ relaxation and enjoyment. 


Distributor: Bagno Y Bagno

Interior design: Stones and Walls

Photographer: Mirto Latropoulo

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