Paros Residence: a haven of tranquillity

Peace, serenity, harmony, restfulness… These are some of the feelings conjured up by the project featured today in Inalcotrends: an exquisite home in Paros, designed by Hara Lymperopoulou from Contract by Design, in collaboration with Athanassiadou and Hatzilakos (Tessera Architects).

The three-storey home is surrounded by a huge terrace, which looks out toward the sea. Warm colours play a key role in a colour spectrum and mix of materials that are guaranteed to make a rich visual impact. 

Inside, it features a spacious open-plan lounge where the design of the kitchen makes a particularly striking impression. The wooden furniture and décor’s dark touches give this living space and heart of the home a particularly elegant appearance. 

MDi surfaces by Inalco have been subtly incorporated as flooring, providing the perfect backcloth for the design of a home with a cosy, timeless allure. 

The house leads directly out onto the spectacular terrace, perfect for chilling out and meeting up with others. The outdoor table, clad in material from the Senda collection, and the carefully selected furniture help to define its different areas. 

This ambitious project’s jewel in the crown is its infinity pool on the lower part of the terrace. Conceived to blend in with the surrounding landscape, it generates an amazing feeling of freedom, calm, peace, harmony and restfulness. 

We take you on a tour of this idyllic home: 

Special thanks:

Indoor/outdoor surfaces: MDi by Inalco

Architecture: Athanassiadou & Hatzilakos – Tessera Architects

Interior design: Chara Lymperopoulou – Contract by Design

Photography: Stavros Niflis

Distributor: Bagno Y Bagno

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