Refurbishment with Petra, a natural choice

In one of the finest residential developments in Madrid, Leticia Llansó and Irene Brea from the Essencia Arquitectura team have managed to breathe new life into a property thanks to the refined elegance of the MDi Petra collection by Inalco.

The Essencia Arquitectura project brought the maximum possible amount of natural light into the house thanks to the installation of large windows, while keeping a constant backdrop of natural vegetation. The two unused lightwells have been renovated to their very best advantage. The central location of the first one has been used to imbue the whole house with increased light. The second one, next to the main bathroom, has been fitted with big lights that have transformed it into a “light sculpture”, according to architects Llansó and Brea.

The use of the Petra collection for the interior flooring has been extended outside, creating an unbroken continuum between the two spaces. The optimal technical features, non-slip finish and tremendous resistance to impacts and varying weather conditions made the MDi by Inalco the perfect material for this project.

The architects took advantage of the versatility of the Petra collection, with its natural textural quality and different thickness options, to decorate other areas in the house such as the kitchen. A notable feature of the bathroom is the uniformity of the wall and flooring material and the furnishings made exclusively for this renovation, featuring countertops in Petra iTOP 12 mm and front panels in Petra Fronts 4mm.

Special thanks:

Inalco Collections: Petra Crema

Architectural practice: Essencia Arquitectura (Leticia llansó + Irene Brea)

Distributor: Discesur

Construction company: Disefic Soluciones Técnicas

Interior design collaboration: Ángela Bermúdez

Lighting: Vibia

Taps: Icónico

Kitchen: Mardi Cocina

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