Redefining luxury through wellbeing and added value 

As we usher in the new year, new trends in architecture and interior design are also making an appearance. One of these trends –a new redefined concept of luxury– has been maturing for some months now. 

“Luxury” has evolved to become more closely associated with experiences and enjoyment, moving toward more natural, organic looks as opposed to ostentation or collector items. Now it is more sober and restrained, with no frills. 

How often have we heard that luxury today means having enough time for yourself? This is the direction that this trend is taking. Material things are no longer a priority. What matters is the quality of what we purchase, the added value we get, and the feelingsemotions and unique memories that are triggered. 

It is no longer a question of showing off, but of placing emphasis on sustainability, distinction and a commitment to society through high-quality materials and products that are tailor-made, steeped in tradition or which reflect certain values. In recent years, we have come to place increasing importance on the home and on sustainable innovation and wellbeing, and this is where true luxury lies. 

Personalization and attention to detail are no longer limited to material aspects. These values are also sought in service, customer care, communication, in the creation of exclusive designs, and even in the way that things are done. In other words, a forward-looking vision and bid to excel are all important.

Although we all have different notions of what luxury means, it is clear that the concept has changed. Now it is a far broader notion that encompasses many different aspects. 

Today, it involves looking at life differently, with new priorities. For instance, in the home, precedence is now given to cosy, welcoming living spaces, with outdoor areas for enjoying the good weather or bigger indoor ones for more relaxed get-togethers with family and friends. 

This trend and these new values coincide with what we, at Inalco, strive to convey, with what we offer our partners, and with our approach to the future. 

Luxury is no longer about having. Luxury is about being. 

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