BAR X: the most versatile and fun-filled restaurant designed with MDi

On the lower floor of Valencia’s emblematic market, Mercado de Colón, chef Ricard Camarena recently opened his latest business venture: BAR X.

This is the most versatile, urban, fun-filled project by the well-known chef, the holder of two Michelin stars, three Repsol suns and a green star for sustainability.

BAR X is an intimate space, furnished in simple style, with a big stainless steel bar and low dining tables and a predominance of black and earthy shades. It is divided into two different settings: an indoor and an outdoor area, linked by a big glass door. 

Inside, a big red neon light with the name BAR X shines down, illuminating the whole room. The Moon collection by Inalco acts as a linking thread, uniting the restaurant’s different rooms with its open kitchen. Its modern grey surface fits in to perfection with the rest of the colour spectrum. 

This new venue in the heart of Valencia specializes in signature tapas. Its non-stop kitchen provides diners with top-quality freshly made dishes, with occasional tributes to traditional cuisine and references to the Mediterranean and Valencia’s market gardens. 


Inalco collection: Moon

Chef in charge of the project: Ricard Camarena

BAR X Restaurant

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