Rift collection, the perfect canvas for this house in São Paulo

In the great Brazilian city we find this spacious and clear house designed by Marcia Brunello. Marcia chooses Rift collection for its design, which reminds her of nature, the movement created by rocks shapes, making it the perfect canvas to arrange the rest of the decorative elements. 

The house has little physical divisions and it is the furniture itself that by its position and organization separate the different spaces. This diaphanous design allows the light that enters through the large window to travel through the room without obstacles, gaining great importance in this project and being further enhanced by the use of mirrors.

The Artefacto furniture in neutral tones merges with Rift collection and creates a beautiful decorative effect: the outdoor park becomes another element of the design, like a living piece of art that interacts with the home and to which impress the calm so characteristic of the green color.

The iconic Chaise Longue Rio by Oscar Niemeyer closes the tour, whose design, such as the Rift collection, is also inspired by nature, the shapes and landscapes of his native country, where we travel today on Inalcotrends, Brazil.

Special thanks:

Inalco collection: Rift Blanco Natural 100 x 250 cm

Interior design: Marcia Brunello Arquitetura e Interiores

Distributor: Mais Revestimentos

Photographer: Nathalie Artaxo

Furniture: Artefacto

Carpentry: Ornare

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