MDi by Inalco features prominently in the design of Setl City’s offices

Thanks to their outstanding technical properties and striking visual appeal, Inalco’s MDi iSLIMM large-format surfaces have played a prominent role in the refurbishment of Setl City‘s head offices in Saint Petersburg. Today we would like to highlight this design project by ABD Architects and Sfera.

In this ambitious refurbishment project of an over 4000m2 building, priority was given to two main factors: to create big luminous spaces, taking full advantage of the available natural light, and to opt for minimalist looks with a predominant use of white. 

Having settled on a stone finish to link up the different rooms, the Geo Gris collection by Inalco was chosen for the flooring. Thanks to its linear veins and spectacular 150x300cm format, the joints between the slabs are virtually imperceptible, giving the impression of seamless continuity. 

Like other MDi surfaces by Inalco, Geo is a highly versatile choice, suitable for rooms of all kinds. As a result, in addition to the offices’ big meeting rooms, it was also used in the corridors and offices, lending them a more spacious feel. Geo also brings a timeless, natural beauty to the building in a project conceived to withstand the passage of time. 

Special thanks:

Inalco collection: Geo iSLIMM

Architecture Studio: ABD Architects 

Distributor: SFERA

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