Six original ways of using Inalco surfaces

Something that most of you already know is that the technical features of Inalco MDi surfaces are incredible: they withstand sharp differences in temperature, remain unchanged over time in both interior and exterior settings and have a high resistance to impacts and scratches …

What perhaps some might not know are MDi‘s infinite decorative possibilities: tables, kitchens, doors, swimming pools or even watches … The limit is in your imagination.


Thanks to the technical characteristics of Inalco MDi surfaces, it is possible to maintain a uniform aesthetic at the garden or in the interior of the house. An interesting solution is to build planters with the same collection used as the floor tile. In this case, planters, pool and waterfall are coated with Senda iTOP collection. And in case you’re wondering … yes, swimming-pools can also be made with MDi surfaces.

Senda Collection in planters and swimming-pool
Close-up of waterfall with Senda collection


Being able to install a door with the same aesthetic as the adjacent wall is a plus for the decoration of spaces. There are times that this issue becomes very important, as in commercial premises, events or simply at any place where you try to achieve a design as uniform as possible.

Wall and door with Senda Gris Natural / Counter: Larsen iTOP Matt Polished / Floor: Astral Gris Natural
Sliding door with Storm Negro Natural / Projecto by Manuel García Asociados

Decorative accessories

You can also take advantage of MDi surfaces used as a decorative complement. Here you can see it in a clock, a plug cover or even in a pencil cube… but the truth is that you can create almost everything you can imagine.

Clock with Masai collection / Walls: Masai iSLIMM / Kitchen: Ice iTOP
Light plug on wall; Storm Negro Natural / Wall collection: Iridium iSLIMM
Table base and pencil cube: Touché collection / Floor surface: Iseo iSLIMM / Left wall: Storm iSLIMM / Project by Manuel García Asociados


If you are planning to install a beautiful, light and resistant table, using porcelain slabs as tabletop or even creating a total look on the furniture is a good option. Another advantage is that by having the same collection available for floors, walls and furniture, you can create totally balanced rooms.

Storm collection on table-top, wall and floor of the reading area / Floor: Petra Collection
Low table with Larsen iTOP Super Blanco-Gris Matt Polished / Floor: Petra Collection


iGASTRO is a special range of iSLIMM slimline surfaces serving dishes and platters. An original way of serving food both in the hospitality sector and at a particular level with a high technical performance.


Perhaps the best known use of our iTOP product range is to use it as kitchen countertops or bathroom furniture. Its technical characteristics make it the best ally for these areas where materials are more exposed. Provided that iTOP is correctly placed, there will be no problem in putting hot utensils on it, placing it in an exterior with high thermal contrasts or in humid areas, since it is not affected by water or ultraviolet rays.

Kitchen Larsen iTOP Super Blanco-Gris Matt Polished / Kitchen by Dica Muebles
Washbasin: Oxide Collection / Towel cube and left wall: Fusion Iris Natural
Kitchen countertop and fronts: Iseo iTOP
Close-up of sink with Iseo iTOP collection

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