Bringing life back to spaces. By Muebles Bolmen

Surely we all have had, or still have, spaces at home we would like to change but have not decided how yet. This is the case of the projects we show you today at Inalcotrends, two exteriors that Muebles Bolmen´s clients considered flat and without definition that were brought back to the life they deserved by José Ramón Mendez

In the first case, a rough terrace with no vegetation had to be turned into a green space. A vegetal perimeter was created with large planters providing the necessary green in any outdoor space. The barbecue, arbor and pool areas give the terrace its most social aspect, allowing clients to enjoy large gatherings with family and friends, or simply relax with a good read in their new favorite corner of the house. The flooring and the stairs, the pool area, the planters and walls were covered with the Petra collection in Crema colour, while a more-rustic barbecue was created with the Iseo collection in Gris. Both surfaces convey the beauty of nature and help create the project that customers wanted.

Entrance. Collection: Petra Crema
Barbacue zone. Floor: Petra Crema collection. Barbacue and furniture: Iseo Gris collection.
Table: Vieques, by Patricia Urquiola for Kettal.
Chairs: Piuma, by Piero Lissoni for Kartell
Barbacue. Floor: Petra Crema collection. Barbacue and furniture: Iseo Gris collection.
Storage. Floor: Petra Crema collection. Wall and door: Iseo Gris collection.
Entrance with night light. Petra Crema collection.

In the second project we find an outdoor in which Petra by Inalcois also protagonist. The clients wanted to turn an unused penthouse into a leisure space within the house. Thanks to Inalco products´ resistance to sun, stains, impacts, etc., it was also chosen for a barbecue and bar areas that were completely decorated with the Petra Crema surface. The color palette is complemented with a dark gray sofa and some details in wood.

Once again, a cold attic takes on the vitality and prominence it deserved in a Mediterranean setting, thanks to the good taste and know-how of José Ramón Mendez and Muebles Bolmen

Bar area. Petra Crema Collection
Meeting area. Petra Crema Collection
Barbacue. Petra Crema Collection
Meeting area. Petra Crema Collection

Special thanks:

Project: Bolmen proyectos – José Ramón Mendez

Inalco collections: Petra Crema and Iseo Gris

Distributor: Terra cerámica

Building company: Europasol

Equipament: Bolmen Muebles – Kettal, Kartell, Jnf 

Lighting: Bolmen Iluminación – Vibia, Foscarini, Marset

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