Stunning swimming pools for getting high on summer

When August arrives, what appeals most is to plan a few enjoyable refreshing activities, like a twilight stroll along the beach, revelling in the sea breeze, a dinner with friends on the terrace of a favourite restaurant or, more particularly, a much longed-for dip in the pool. 

Today, in Inalcotrends, we offer a brief outline of some of the most exclusive pools for getting high on summer. All of them have certain common denominators: they are stunning pools in private villas, with amazing terraces. Furthermore, they were all designed and created using some of the most timeless, exquisite collections from the MDi range by Inalco. Do you want to find out more?

Our tour starts in the company of Rubén Muedra Architects’ Studio, as we head to Cruz de Gracia in Valencia.

This is where Grace House can be found, an architectural project featuring several different collections from the MDi range. The highpoint is the swimming pool, designed using the Pacific Blanco Plus collection, in an area covering over 1200 m2. As the water overflows the sides of this infinity pool, it merges with the subtle varying shades of Pacific‘s veins.

We continue our journey along the coast to Oliva and Dune House, a highly original architectural project on the Mediterranean shore, where the Petra collection by Inalco was used to link up all its rooms. The team from Rubén Muedra Architects’ Studio has managed to create a sense of continuity between its interiors and exteriors in a setting where the pool plays a predominant role. With the villa’s breath-taking sea views, it is an idyllic picture postcard image. 

The first leg of our journey, in the Valencia region, concludes in Teulada (Alicante), where we can appreciate Villa Caliza’s exteriors, designed by maarquitectura using solely the Petra collection by Inalco. This huge pool merges into the backdrop, since the warm stone colours of its basin match Petra‘s natural stone appearance. 

In Marbella (Malaga), design studio B&D Marbella Home was commissioned with the design of Villa Pacific, a stylish comfortable home where MDi‘s versatility is fully evident. 

This pool, made using the non-slip version of the Pacific Blanco Plus collection, is the extension of a gigantic terrace that encircles the villa: an area for enjoying the sun and the natural surroundings in one of the most select spots on the Costa del Sol.

We catch a plane to the Balearic Islands to reach the last stop on this tour of our selection of striking, one-of-a-kind swimming pools for summer. In Ibiza, we travel to WhiteRock Villa Monterrey, one of the most exclusive resorts in the Balearics. 

The MDTouché collection is the star feature of this ambitious project by Patrick Helou Architects for White Rock Concepts. In a setting of over 30,000 m2, surrounded by Mediterranean woodlands, the swimming pool of this remarkable villa literally takes your breath away. Touché‘s elegant marble design adds a sense of depth and continuity to a unique villa set midway between the Mediterranean Sea and the natural surroundings. 

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