Hotel suites designed with MDi


To design a hotel suite, careful attention must be devoted to their interiors, down to the tiniest of details, because guests expect them to be a sanctuary where they can relax and feel totally at home

Today, in Inalcotrends, we describe a selection of hotel suites designed with MDi by Inalco where guests would be more than happy to put down roots and live.

Hotel Aeonic

An authentic sanctuary for guests, where the physical and the organic merge with one another. The suites of this boutique hotel on the island of Mykonos also feature a private terrace, with breath-taking views of the wild natural surroundings. 

The Iseo collection is the main distinguishing feature of its suites, where it has also been used to clad some items of custom-designed furniture. 

Hotel Neptune

Are you searching for an idyllic backdrop to rediscover your inner self? Then Hotel Neptune is your answer, with views of the Aegean Sea and suites as comfortable as a real home. 

All its rooms have a complete total look, with the Storm and Petra collections playing a starring role in its suites. Guests can choose between rooms with a warmer feel or one with more dynamic vibes. 

Comme Chez Soye

It really is possible to get away from it all in this suite, at a 5-star hotel in the heart of Namur (Belgium). The Iseo collection again features prominently, allowing guests to revel in warm, welcoming surroundings, designed for today’s nomads. 

Parocks Hotel

This hotel offers a perfect blend of luxury and minimalism, thanks to its superior materials and minimalist design. Petra offers just the right touch of warmth, minimalism and quality. 

On the coast of Paros (Greece), guests can find a genuine home away from home at this charming hotel. 

Many of the suites in these hotels have an open-plan design, providing a spacious, luminous, functional backdrop, with materials inspired by nature that bring you into tune with what is genuinely important. 

If you’re looking for inspiration for your next project, these warm, welcoming hotel suites will give you plenty of ideas. 

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