Syros, natural light and sea views, that’s the new project by ‘Mac interiorismo’

Facing the sea, with a fresh decoration and enjoying the warm light of the Mediterranean is placed the Ñam restaurant, a restaurant project by ‘Mac interiorismo’.

Contrary to what usually happens in restaurants, where spaces are separated from their surroundings, this project pursuit precisely the opposite. Its exterior works as another element of interior design, as in those restaurants where works of art hang on the walls, but in this case, the canvas becomes the blue color of the sea, the calm, the peace that transmits its contemplation.

Inside the layout, the color palette, the textures … create a pleasant place to share moments with our loved ones. The use of Syros collection on tables, columns and at the entrance desk further enhances natural light and gives a touch of strength to the space.

The furniture has been designed in large part exclusively for the project, such as the counter or tables with Syros collection and the benches as sofas; the rest is from Sancal.

Lighting is based on indirect lights and is complemented by natural light. For example, the steps, which divide several zones, are also illuminated and slowly change color to highlight and signal the rise and fall zone. Flos and Foscarini lamps fall from the ceiling like fruits of a tree and merge with the environment thanks to their colors and shapes.

This project is, as they say from ‘Mac Interiorismo’, a space that looks and opens outwards, a comfortable refuge from which to contemplate, without fear, the light.

Special thanks:

Project: ‘Ñam Restaurant’

Inalco collection: Syros Super Blanco-Gris Natural

Interior design: Ramón Martínez of Mac Interiorismo y Obra

Builder: Mac Interiorismo y Obra

Photographer: Javier Berenguer

Furniture: personalized design / Sancal

Lighting: Foscarini / Flos

Devices: Jung

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