Terraces for 2021

Although the kitchen is the true heart of all homes, another living space also merits special attention, given how indispensable it has become for any household.

Terraces have become a sanctuary for fleeing the hustle and bustle of life, without having to leave the home, and an open-air space for chilling out and enjoying long summer or winter evening get-togethers. 

As is also the case with bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, and pools, it’s no easy task to design a terrace when faced with the endless different possibilities. Homes can open out onto a terrace, it can be designed on different levels, it can be clad in a variety of different materials, and it can even be a covered veranda or area integrated into the garden. 

Today, in Inalcotrends, we’d like to inspire you with a selection of terraces featuring collections from the MDi range. Why not take a look at our non-slip collections and choose the one that best suits your project? Alternatively, you can opt for the non-slip model in any of our iSLIMM collections. 

Special thanks:

Morvedre. Lauria 13 Arquitectura, Sievers Carregui & Progetti. Petra Crema by Inalco.

Casa Prunes. QBarquitectos, Anagulles proyectos, Nideker Houses & Adrián Mora Maroto. Petra Crema by Inalco.

Paros Residence. Bagno Y Bagno, Stavros Niflis, Chara Lymperopoulou – Contract by Design & Tessera Architects.

Chalette Drive. DJR Design Group Beverly Hills & Specceramics. Iseo Gris by Inalco.

Villa Ibiza. White Rock ConceptsPatrick Helou ArchitectsStyle International Trading & George Fakaros. Touché Super Blanco-Gris by Inalco.

Ananda Blanco Non-slip by Inalco.

Totem Gris Non-slip by Inalco.

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