The Pórtico Building, one of the most sustainable office block in Spain

Large buildings, constructed along straight lines, with a contemporary and even futuristic appearance, are a common sight in many large cities. And it is precisely with the future in mind that we should probably ask ourselves how many of these buildings were designed and constructed on the basis of sustainability.

The Pórtico Building is considered to be one of the most sustainable office block in Spain. Designed by the renowned architects Rafael de la Hoz and SOM Architects, it holds BREEAM certification (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Methodology), which assesses aspects such as energy efficiency, waste management, transport, use of water and the types of materials used

In addition, in 2021, the developer Amundi Immobiliere carried out a refurbishment with Savils Aguirre Newman to further improve the efficiency of the building, taking into account not only construction elements but also the internal management of the building itself. 

This is where MDi plays a vital role; as a surface offering major added value in environmental as well as design aspects, it is one of the building’s principal materials. Indeed, the fact that it is a 100% recyclable material produced using water-based inks, and that half of the materials used in the production process are recycled, positions it as one of the most eco-friendly materials on the market. 

Moreover, the Pórtico Building features an innovative system that redirects surplus energy from some parts of the building to others, and the sides are clad with two meshes in the shape of diagonal crosses that, together with the solar panels, minimise the impact of exterior sound and solar radiation.

Its name is no coincidence either, as a large portico covers the entire perimeter of the building and prevents sunlight from shining directly onto its façades.

All these factors have earned the Pórtico Building the distinction of being one of the most sustainable office block in Spain and the best business centre at the MIPIM show in 2007 (International Real Estate Professionals Market).

In short, Pórtico Building is a construction that not only stands out for its modern-classic design, but also for one of the key architectural aspects of current (and future) times: sustainability.


Architects: Rafael de la Hoz and SOM Architects

Inalco Collections: Ananda and Umbra

Distributor: Discesur

Refurbishment 2021: Amundi Immobiliere and Savills Aguirre Newman

Representative in Spain for Amundi’s assets: L’Etoile Properties

Project Manager: Homu Project

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