Royal Park Residence: a minimalist apartment in Sofia

Minimalism is synonymous with sobriety and elegance, something that is crystal clear to the creators of the project we present today in Inalcotrends.

Bulgarian studio Proconcept designed this chic apartment in Royal Park Residence, Boyana, one of Sofia‘s most deluxe neighbourhoods.

The main aim of the refurbishment project was to create a spacious home with personality, combining different functions in a modern ensemble.

Black and white were used as the colour scheme throughout to create visual limits between areas. Pale and dark surfaces were alternated to highlight planes and volumes. Strategically located mirrors on the ceilings multiply this effect, illuminating the living spaces and giving them a more spacious feel. 

For the separate rooms, elegant flooring was needed that would act as a linking thread, rounding off the whole ensemble in perfect style. With this in mind, MDi Iseo by Inalco was chosen, a model whose up-to-the-minute design encapsulates all nature’s charm and diversity.

The whole apartment’s design is conceived to give an ongoing flowing impression, with separate functional living spaces that are subtly interlinked. 

Each single area of the home has been carefully designed to act as a natural, logical extension of the previous one, contributing to the creation of a chic, cosmopolitan setting. 

The outcome of this refurbishment project by ProConcept Studio is an apartment conspicuous for its harmonious careful design, tailored to meet client needs. 


Inalco collection: Iseo

Interior Design: Proconcept

Photographer: Dian Stanchev

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