Trends in interior design for 2022: Four key concepts

Each season comes with a series of inspirational decorative ideas. Today, in Inalcotrends, we offer an insight into interior design trends for 2022. 

First, it’s important to bear in mind that there are four key concepts to home design this year: natural materials, warm neutral colours, open spaces and, needless to say, sustainability.

Handcrafted looks are here to stay. Since sustainable natural materials became all the rage in interior design last year, many professionals have decided to opt for them. Indeed, it’s very hard nowadays to find a home that doesn’t have some wood furniture, organic-looking fabrics like linen, wool, cotton or jute, or decorative features made of natural fibres. 

Another key trend in home design is the use of neutral colours in its different rooms. Raw colours like beige or white infuse homes with a timeless sense of restfulness, reinforcing the idea that homes are an oasis of peace and tranquillity. 

Earthy shades, sandy colours and browns are also the in thing, combined this year with furniture and other items in natural colours, like ochre, caramel, orange or dusty pink, with their far more cheerful general sensation of energy and optimism.

As we have pointed out in the past in our blog, the trend for seamless transitions between indoor and outdoor areas will continue to be popular in architectural projects. Spacious multipurpose areas, flooded with natural light and brimming with plants and vegetation, will feature strongly in many parts of the home. As well as basing the design of kitchens on this premise, terraces that seamlessly tie in with inner areas will also be an absolute must! 

Lastly, sustainability will continue to be a watchword in home design and decoration in 2022. By using natural, eco-friendly materials, this helps to endorse a building’s efficiency and low environmental impact, and so the use of resistant, long-lasting, recyclable materials not only provides greater thermal insulation but they also contribute to energy savings.

Now that you know what new homes are going to be like in 2022, what MDi collections by Inalco do you fancy using in your project? 

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