Key trends at the Salone del Mobile Milano 2022

tendencias salone del mobile 2022

Last June, one of the most long-awaited events of the year for professionals from the design, architecture and interior design sectors took place in Milan, the Salone del Mobile.

It was an edition characterized by a quest for sustainable techniques and materials, brimming with innovations, to the extent that sustainability was the key theme this year. 

Although it is impossible to sum up all the trends and new products on show at the event, today we will highlight some of the main ones that were forecast at the beginning of the year which have really taken hold after Milan Design Week.

Glass cabinets

This is a trend that is making a comeback in renewed style. Glass and transparency will play a predominant role in living spaces such as lounges, kitchens or dressing rooms. 

Glass cabinets are now more versatile than ever before and, at the Salone del Mobile, they could be seen in multiple different styles, with both transparent and opaque designs. One of the greatest benefits they offer is the added sense of spaciousness they bring to rooms of all kinds, lending them added aesthetic value. 

Outdoor furniture with design appeal

Enjoying being out in the open air is now more important than ever before: going out into the garden and spending time with family and friends is a sheer delight. With this in mind, outdoor furniture was presented in warm colours and more welcoming, organic designs. 


As mentioned at the beginning of this blog, sustainability was the central theme of the week and a key premise in the design of different living spaces. In keeping with this philosophy, efforts were made to come up with designs that reflect a real commitment to the environment and to society

The key to this trend is to create sustainable innovations without relinquishing functionality or visual appeal. This is the case of MDi–surfaces sustainably developed in compliance with strict environmental standards–, used as a key feature in the design of various different products on show at the event. 


Another of the most evident trends at Milan Design Week was nature as a source of inspiration in the creation of products and collections. 

For some time now, natural organic shapes and movements have been a prime inspiration for many brands. At the event, we were able to confirm the importance of this trend, since nature was the main decorative influence in numerous settings. 

Visual continuity in kitchens

Kitchens have become one of the home’s main hubs, and so in addition to their visual appearance, the functionality of the whole space is also taken very much into account. 

At Milan Design Week, we have seen kitchens of all kinds, particularly ones that seek to conceal certain features, like induction systems or sinks, so that a lot more workspace can be freed up. 

One of the big new breakthroughs at EuroCucina / FTK and Fuori Salone is the concept of invisible induction. With this technology, it is possible to cook on the actual work surface, ensuring full visual continuity. To achieve this seamless appearance, in some kitchens, even the sink was concealed under a piece of the same material. 


Textures also came to the fore again at this edition of the event, featuring predominantly in furniture, decorative items, and on walls and floors, since a big boom in the use of organic fabrics for furniture and relief textures on surfaces was noted. 

They are different ways of stimulating the senses through materials. 

Following this brief review of the main trends at the Salone del Mobile Milano 2022, mention should also be made of the presence of MDi in many spaces in its capacity as an innovative, sustainable, resistant surface with a 360º design.

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