Successful trends at the Salone del Mobile Milano 2023

Last week, the year’s most long-awaited event took place for design, architecture and interior design enthusiasts and, for some years now, also for fashion lovers: the 2023 edition of the Salone del Mobile Milano.

This is the perfect week to look for inspiration, to discover amazing new products and ideas, to gain an insight into the latest trends, and to immerse yourself in design. From the myriad of experiences and inspirational ideas that the Salone del Mobile offers, a good foretaste of future trends can be achieved. 

Today in Inalcotrends, we will give you a brief outline of some of the most common trends that could be seen during the week of this year’s Salone del Mobile. 

If we focus on the home in general, three designs concepts could be seen in many settings throughout the city: natural looks, a sense of intimacy, and organic shapes. Increasingly, homes tend to be seen as refuges for relaxing, chilling out and getting away from it all. The colours used in many settings were either neutral ones or shades of moss green, reinforcing the idea of being surrounded by nature. 

There is a move toward more comfortable, cosy styles, and the main goal is to add a unique personal touch to the home. As one of the cosiest, most intimate rooms in the home, special attention was focused on the bedroom, drawing the attention of many visitors. 

Outdoor homelife was another important theme, with a multitude of products at Salone Rho and Fuorisalone. Two good examples were Tribù’s warm, inviting display, where it presented its latest designs in outdoor furniture, some featuring MDi as the main surface, and the installation by Poliform

Living rooms were also a focus of attention at the Salone del Mobile Milano, where natural colours and materials played a predominant role, although transparent or translucid panels also tended to be used to unite these rooms with other spaces. In this way, separations can be created between different areas while still conserving a spacious, luminous, uncluttered feel. 

Transparencies play an important role in uniting spaces visually, although there is also a trend toward solutions for concealing accessories so as to ensure visual continuity and greater minimalism. For instance, invisible induction systems for kitchens could again be seen at this edition of the fair, affording greater versatility and a neater appearance. 

It was noticeable, once more, that sustainability is an increasing priority in all walks of design, and eco-friendly materials are an absolute must in the design of settings of all kinds. 

Once again, the Salone del Mobile Milano 2023 and almost every single part of the city acted as superb sources of inspiration. And, needless to say, Inalco also left its quintessential hallmark on the event. Thank you yet again Milan. 

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