Valencia, World Design Capital 2022

Design is a capacity-building tool for innovation in urban environments that in the short term must serve to solve problems and overcome conflicts, and in the medium and long term it must lead to systemic changes.

This is Valencia candidacy website´s definition of design. A candidacy that, under the motto “the Mediterranean design of Valencia. Design for change, design for the senses”, has culminated with the election of Valencia as the World Capital of Design in 2022. A historic landmark for valencian and Spanish design, as it is the first time that a Spanish city wins this title granted by the World Design Organization every two years. This organization has opted for Valencia against its Indian competitor Bangalore for “the precision, rigor and professionalism” of his candidacy throughout the process, as well as “the cohesion and strength” of the sector.

Valencia World Design Capital 2022 program includes events that cover all areas of design: spatial, industrial, architectural, services … That will be coordinated with the cultural agenda of the city to impregnate everything with design and bring it as close as possible to the citizenship.

Thus, from January to December, each month will highlight a global theme based on four types of events: exhibition, congresses, workshops and symposiums. The promoters explain that “the focus will be on contents such as design against climate change, Mediterranean design, the commitment of design to gender equality, history of design, build the story from the design, industrial development and design and nature, among others. “

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