Villa Caliza: living between the mountain and the ocean

In a singular enclave, facing the coast and breathing the breeze of the sea and the mountain, is located Villa Caliza, a project of maarquitectura in which the peculiarities of the piece of land and the orography of the terrain were the main conditions for designing the layout.

Access to Villa Caliza takes place through a large lobby on the first floor that connects directly with the lower one. An imposing glazed space works as a connecting link and allows visual communication with the exterior and its immediate surroundings.

Villa Caliza. Maarquitectura
Villa Caliza. Maarquitectura. Ramp access
Villa Caliza. Maarquitectura. Espacio acristalado como nexo de unión entre plantas

Despite being a project of straight lines and modern appearance, warmth is present thanks to an exclusive selection of materials where the Petra iSLIMM collection by Inalco has a great role: it has been used as an interior and exterior floor, covers the entire kitchen, part of the main facade and even the ramp and the entrance door. Its design is inspired by the natural formation of limestones (‘caliza’ in Spanish), the name that the house finally adopts.

Regarding the distribution, it emphasizes the importance of open spaces that, together with the large openings in their facades, make the exterior one more element of the house.

In fact, the pool and the porch are conceived as the main social gathering area, allowing to enjoy the calm of the mountain and beautiful views of the Mediterranean Sea.

Villa Caliza. Maarquitectura. Ramp access
Villa Caliza. Maarquitectura. Main facade
Villa Caliza. Maarquitectura. Pool and porch
Villa Caliza. Maarquitectura. Pool and porch

Special thanks:

Architects: maarquitectura

Interior design: Bolmen Muebles

Inalco collection: Petra Crema

Photographers: Kiko Moncada and Vicente Brassa

Lighting: Ineslam

Equipment: Jung, Daikin, Siemens

Toilets and taps: Agape, Tres

External woodwork: Technal, Hormann

Promoter: Confortstyle Mediterránea

Builder: Edificaciones RC

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