Villa San Matteo, nature and leisure in paradise

Time enters another dimension from the very first moment you step onto Crete. On the way from the airport to San Matteo, you start to become immersed in a dreamlike state in which time no longer seems to matter.

Villa San Matteo embodies a little paradise for those seeking close contact with nature, yet without sacrificing comfort and luxury.

Standing at the top of Cape Koutoula, this villa, designed with MDi, is one of the diamonds in the Elafonisi Villas collection. Painstaking attention has been given to the aesthetics of the house to offer its guests an exceptionally comfortable and enjoyable stay with a touch of bohemian chic. And the truth is that with its four sea-view bedrooms and an infinity pool that blends perfectly into the natural surroundings, Villa San Matteo is just made for switching off and chilling out.

In this context of boho luxury, MDi is the perfect material for the exteriors. Not only is it resistant to knocks and sudden changes of temperature, but it is also easy to clean and dovetails perfectly with the style and decoration chosen for this project.

The other decorative features – the hanging chairs, sun loungers, sofas, barbecue – complete the terrace to make this the perfect outdoor setting for enjoying the summer months that are just around the corner. 

If you fancy the idea of creating unique exterior spaces like those of Villa San Matteo, be sure to visit our section of non-slip surfaces and start creating the terrace of your dreams.

Special thanks:

Distribuitor: Bagno Y Bagno

Architecture studio: Nikos Lykoydis from Paly Architects

Interior design: MANOS KYPRITIDIS

Photography: George Anastastakis

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