Vint: warmth and style in the capital of Bulgaria

At the heart of one of the most modern residential neighbourhoods in Sofia (Bulgaria), interior designer Teodora Panayotova has created a contemporary house full of style using the MDi Vint collection by Inalco as the main component of the project.

Sofia Land Residence is the largest, most well-appointed and innovative residential complex in the Bulgarian capital. Located in the southern part of the city, its modern apartment blocks blend in harmoniously with the surroundings of beautiful woods and the magnificent mountain of Vitosha. The complex was built using cutting-edge technology and energy-efficient, environmentally-friendly materials that channel the Green lifestyle trend.

For the refurbishment of this 130-square-metre apartment, the owners were looking for an elegant yet practical space that would bring nature into the home. Interior designer Teodora Panayotova suggested the MDi Vint collection by Inalco due to the warmth of its design, a blend of sand, stone and water. Its soft texture and contemporary appeal were a perfect match from the outset, to the point of becoming the fundamental material around which the other elements were created and chosen.

The MDi Vint collection, combined with natural wood and designer furniture from leading European companies, creates a warm habitat that demands to be lived in and enjoyed. The colour grey, used as a basis for the colour of the dining room and kitchen furniture, creates an elegant, coordinated space.

The tremendous versatility of Vint surfaces meant that not only was it used to cover the fireplace unit and the wall in the television area, but also as flooring throughout the house.

This project by interior designer Teodora Panayotova showcases the importance of combining creativity with state-of-the-art materials that bring ideas to life.

Special thanks:

Interior designer: Teodora Panayotova

Wall and floor coverings and furniture: MDi Vint collection in grey colour.

Furniture: Saba Italia & Bontempi

Decoration: Londonart wallpaper

Lighting: Brokis

Photographer: Petko Nekezov

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