Warmth and balance, an absolute must in interior design

If there is something that defines MDi surfaces by Inalco, it is their warmth and elegance. 

Our carefully selected exclusive materials come in a colour spectrum made up of a harmonious mix of shades, guaranteeing designs with a strong timeless appeal.

Each collection is the outcome of careful research and analysis so as to come up with the perfect solution to market needs. Time and effort are dedicated to the development of products second to none, and one of the key premises behind new designs is an emphasis on versatility and eternal beauty.

Today, in Inalcotrends, we present two of the collections most popular with architects and interior designers that unite all the above characteristics: 

The first is Petra: a design inspired by natural limestone formations that conveys all the warmth and beauty of the genuine product and its random features. The collection’s large format and its whimsical veins and texture infuse living spaces with charm and charisma.

The second is Ananda: a new concept of simplicity, based on fluidity and delicacy. Inspired by the passage of time, this collection emulates sandstone evocative of the light and colours of the desert, with a new smooth sandy texture brimming with personality. 

Find out more about these collections:

MDi iTOP: Petra & Ananda

MDi iSLIMM: Petra & Ananda

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