Refurbishment of an Athens penthouse apartment using Iseo by Inalco

Today we’re travelling to the Greek capital to show you a new project: a 1990s penthouse apartment with stunning views of the city that has been completely refurbished. 

When architect Eleftherios Ambatzis was commissioned with the project, the apartment consisted of a number of small rooms with narrow openings to the balconies, so the main objective was to increase the sense of space. 

By unifying the spaces, Ambatzis completely transformed the property. He designed an integrated living room with huge windows to open up the space while at the same time creating a continuum between the interior and exterior areas.

As a harmonious link between the rooms, he chose the Iseo collection by Inalco. Thanks to the versatility of MDi, Iseo was used for the terracing around the apartment, as a countertop and backsplash, and as a decorative feature in the bedroom.

The interior design of the apartment also played an important role in the refurbishment. The bespokelighting and exclusive furnishings were key to creating this elegant, sophisticated habitat.

Special thanks:

Distributor and marble worker: Bagno Y Bagno

Architecture: Eleftherios Ambatzis

Photography: George Fakaros

Furniture: Gubi, Arflex, Baxter, Hayonstudio, LinBrasil, Roda, Menu

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