Pool House: A home where time stands still


Pool House: A home in Moldova by Line Architects, where simple rhythmic interplay between light and geometrical shapes somehow seems to make time stand still. The home’s layout has been meticulously planned so that everything revolves around the garden, the pool and a skilful use of natural light

Pool House’s interiors merge with its exteriors. In the main bedroom, the garden is almost yet another part of the room, as if nature had been brought inside the home. Above the pool, an opening in the ceiling was also made so that natural light can filter through and illuminate the rest of the interiors. 

The home’s layout and its different components were designed so that natural light fills all its rooms. Glass was used to separate its different living areas, letting light through and creating a unique sensation of depth and spaciousness. This also guarantees views of the garden and pool from any point inside the home. 

Minimalism and timeless luxury are both synonymous with Pool House. Each living space has as little furniture as possible, where it also plays a decorative role. All the home’s other features are based on the same two design concepts, both visually and in the quality of the materials. 

Timeless beauty is an absolute must in today’s approach to interior design, and our MDi surfaces stand out for their versatility, timeless beauty and exquisite design, perfect for living spaces of all kinds. 

The Petra collection plays a starring role on the walls and floors, creating a monochrome seamless stone mantle.

In this case, the MDi sheets were adapted to clad surfaces of different sizes, extending the interplay with geometrical shapes to the floors, walls and pool area. With our SSC (Special Service for Customers), there’s no limit to what can be designed.


Architecture: l i n e ar c h i e c t s

Distribution: GDR

Photography: Bazhura Oleg 

Marble worker: Igor Stefanco

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