Terra, a perfect fusion of tradition and avant-garde


Terra finds its inspiration in traditional clay, and becomes the perfect fusion between sludge and the new MDi technologies. Its surface combines a soft relief with a silky texture and a look that brings us back to the most natural essence, thus achieving a unique materiality and naturalness. 

This collection gives any room very interesting contrasts if we combine it with light or neutral tones. Choosing the right colour palette, Terra helps to balance the whole of your kitchen or bathroom to perfection.

It also gives a sophisticated look with character. Although light colours are trendy, dark tones are where the touch of differentiation and personality comes in. For this reason, Terra is the perfect ally for architects and interior designers. 

It is presented as an ideal collection to stand out in furniture, or to make neutral coloured furniture and textiles stand out, helping to create an enveloping palette of tones. 

Its naturalness is excellent, you only need to see it to feel it. Terra, a series capable of creating organic interiors, with personality and strength.

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