Oriol House, where summer never ends

We never want summer to endthat’s an undeniable fact. The good weather, holidays, long evenings spent with friends, dips in the pool, and dawn strolls along the seashore make us feel at one with the world, and it’s far from easy to relinquish them when autumn comes. 

At Oriol House, however, you might think it’s summer all year round. Its design encourages you to wind down and to make the most of its enormous garden every single day of the year. 

With its huge picture windows, able to flood all its rooms with natural light, and its uncluttered spacious rooms, this project by Rubén Muedra Architects’ Studio inspires a sensation of restful tranquillity.

The building is made up of two cubes, joined by a corridor with views of the garden. The house leads out onto different verandas, covered by roof-like structures. The Petra collection by Inalco acts as a linking thread, since it is used in the home’s interiors, on the terraces and to line the swimming pool. 

With its authentic looking random pattern, Petra is synonymous with warmth and beauty. Its design, inspired by natural limestone formations, blends in with the rest of the house, transforming it into a genuine home.

Special thanks:

Architectural design: Rubén Muedra

Construction: Nideker Houses

Photos: Adrián Mora Maroto

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